Our Goal is to Provide Safe Stock Picks for the DIY Investor

We strive to minimize risk, while maximizing performance. Our goal is to give you the stock picks you need and exactly when to buy or sell. By combining our team's decades of experience, with our simple, but sophisticated approach to identifying stocks, our results have been nothing short of outstanding.


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Our goal is to outperform the market, while taking less risk than the S&P 500...

You'll know exactly what stocks to buy, and at what price to target.

We tell you exactly when to sell the stocks, and at what price.

We strive to implement strategies, designed to minimize risk.

You'll also receive alerts throughout the month, keeping you up to date.

Our Investment Performance

Spectacular Performance in a Matter of Months

Our return since inception date of June 14, 2016 to March 30, 2019 was 21.14%.

We Strategically
Manage Risk

Our methodology is geared to create a portfolio with less risk at any given time than the overall S&P 500.

We Aren’t Afraid to Have a Cash Position

We aren’t afraid to sell our positions when there are profits to make, plus our covered calls with varying expiration periods and premiums influx additional income.

Get the Full

When you subscribe to our Stock Pick Alerts, we’ll give you the full play-by-play. Namely, we’ll tell you exactly how we are investing in the positions listed here.

Here's what you get with the EGOER Wealth Stock Picks Alert

Our simple format is easy to understand and right to the point. Each month you'll receive specific stock picks with entry and exit target prices, in a simple to understand format.

As an EGOER Wealth member, you’ll get:

  • The current portfolio holdings and exact weightings of each.
  • The exact trailing stop levels for certain equities.
  • Specific buy recommendations with target buy prices and the relative weighting of each buy.
  • Specific sell recommendations with exact target sell prices.

And, if market conditions demand a buy/sell action for rebalancing or to take advantage of set gain targets, we will release a special action items notice at the time. As an added convenience we’ll text these short action items to your mobile! Plus, we’ll include occasional tax optimization tips too.

We tell you the really important stuff so you can maintain your own stock portfolio with confidence. Straight up.

Inside your exclusive monthly newsletter and action list:

Our monthly newsletters and trade updates are designed for even the beginning trader to follow and execute their trades. Our exclusive newsletter and trade updates are sent straight to your email, packed with valuable, curated insights that will help you even further in making important investing decisions

Plus, if you're new to trading, we'll walk you through getting setup on our preferred trading platform, so you can follow along easily.

Howard "Woody" Alpern, Cofounder

Certified Public Accountant, Personal Financial Specialist
Woody brings EGOER Wealth over 29 years of financial advisory experience, from investments and taxation, to entrepreneurship for high net worth individuals and publicly traded corporations, Woody has seen it all.

After spending years at the accounting firm Touche Ross (which became Deloitte & Touche), Woody co-founded one of the largest fee-only investment advisory firms in Atlanta, growing assets to well over $1 billion. During this time, he began to understand the need for financial services beyond the scope of portfolio management, and in 2013 started CPA Wealth Advisors, LLC.


Summer Yang, Cofounder

Summer is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring of the stock portfolio, looking daily at a myriad of stocks and funds to add to the overall portfolio as targeted pursuant to our sector weighting, researching the financial position of a specific company or industry, evaluating current and historical market data and more. Everyday, she analyzes dozens of factors to try and achieve our goal of having lower risk levels than the S&P 500 with the ultimate goal of outperforming over the long term (5 to 10 year periods.)


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No credit card required for your 30-day FREE trial -PLUS- it's only $5/mo after your trial!

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We believe that our performance speaks for itself.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

The quality of our output and how we provide our service is reflected by what our clients say about us. Here are just a few kind words from some people that we've worked with:

Award Recipient from Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants

Woody's strength is drawn from his dedication to be the best he can be both professionally and as a person. As a driven perfectionist, Woody continually looks to maximize his client's portfolios.Robert Nebel
I have been privileged to serve hundreds of clients. Some of those have been, and remain, leaders in their respective fields. But there is only one Woody Alpern. Woody is so unique that he is impossible to describe succinctlyAlbert Chapar

Join Woody as he Hosts a Weekly Radio Show at CPA Wealth Advisors!

What 25+ years
experience means.

Hi, I’m Woody Alpern, and 25 years ago I co-founded what became one of the largest wealth advisor firms in Atlanta, managing over $1.6 billion in assets.

Learn more about the EGOERS, what sets us apart and how we can help you!


We are opportunists,
and it works.

Our approach is different.
We are opportunists – in a good way.

We aren’t afraid to sell, reap the profits, then sit in cash until the right new buy presents itself – which it does, over and over again, we promise.


Get our suggested top stock picks in your mailbox & mobile, and be in charge of your own investments for only $5/month!


The EGOER Wealth
Stock Alert

Over the years, we’ve subscribed to many stock picks newsletters ourselves. Most of what we’ve found is so generalized as to be almost useless. No clear directives about best stocks to buy and when to sell. And isn’t that the point?

No more sifting through countless resources to get the info you need. You get:

  • a monthly newsletter
  • buy & sell alerts throughout the month
  • email and text messaging, so you can move fast

Now this is the real info you need to manage your own portfolio.

Get our suggested top stock picks in your mailbox & mobile, and be in charge of your own investments for only $5/month!