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What you get with the EGOER Wealth Stock Picks Alert

We want to share our investment methodology with you.
It’s all in our stock picks alerts.

Our simple format is easy to understand and right to the point. You’ll get:

  • The current portfolio holdings and exact weightings of each.
  • The exact trailing stop levels for certain equities.
  • Specific buy recommendations with target buy prices and the relative weighting of each buy.
  • Specific sell recommendations with exact target sell prices.

And, if market conditions demand a buy/sell action for rebalancing or to take advantage of set gain targets, we will release a special action items notice at the time. As an added convenience we’ll text these short action items to your mobile! Plus, we’ll include occasional tax optimization tips too.

We tell you the really important stuff so you can maintain your own stock portfolio with confidence. Straight up.

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At EGOER Wealth we’re different. But just what IS an EGOER?

EGOERs don’t just sit and wait. We take action when opportunity manifests.

EGOER Wealth is a natural extension to our professional backgrounds, education and experience as well as our EGOER approach to life.


Our Investment Performance

Spectacular Performance in a Matter of Months

Our return since inception date of June 14, 2016 to March 30, 2019 was 21.14%.

Our Beta and Our Methodology

Our methodology is geared to create a portfolio with less risk at any given time than the overall S&P 500.

We Aren’t Afraid to Have a Cash Position

We aren’t afraid to sell our positions when there’s profits to make, plus our covered calls with varying expiration periods and premiums influx additional income.

Get the Full Play-by-Play

When you subscribe to our Stock Picks Alert, we’ll give you the full play-by-play. Namely, we’ll tell you exactly how we are investing in the positions listed here.